7 Ways to Make Your Move Smoother

You are starting a new chapter in your life and it’s exciting. Amidst all the excitement of moving to your new home, you know that it will be challenging. The logistics to make the move possible can be stressful to you and all members of your household and this even includes your pets. Don’t worry though because there are ways to make your move a lot smoother.

1. Make a List (and Check it Twice)

While it is recommended that you prepare for your big move two months before moving day, preparing earlier is always a good idea. Start writing your list three months before your move-out date. This will give you enough time to pack everything and to take care of other details without exerting too much effort.

2. Set Aside Items You No Longer Need

Old clothes or clothes that no longer fit you can go to charity. You should ask other family members to sort through their stuff to find out which clothing items they no longer want. Aside from giving to charity, you can also opt to sell them online or through a garage sale. To make this task easier, you can check every room in your house and assess each item. Everything that you want sold or donated should go.

3. Separate Paperwork, Jewelry, and Other Valuables

Set aside all paperwork pertaining to your move. You also need to put other important documents in a separate folder or box. The same should be done for your jewelry and family heirloom. These items should go with you during the move.

4. Pack a Box for the Kids

Your kids have special items that they want nearby. If your toddler, for example, suddenly asks for his favorite teddy bear, you’d want to have it immediately. If you put all of your kids’ special items in one box, this will save you time from rummaging through a number of boxes just to look for them. Mark this box so you can identify it easily. You can also use a colored box.
Note: On moving day, tell your movers to load that special box last or you can just take it with you.

5. Get Rid of Trash

Start doing this on Day 1. Trash such as flammable items or boxes that you forgot to throw out years ago will accumulate in your trash bin. Get rid of trash immediately. You should keep doing this by sorting through your things on a daily basis. Spending an hour or two on this particular task will dramatically decrease the things that you will need to pack.

6. Make Necessary Arrangements

The following are some of the things that you need to arrange for a smooth transition.
• Water connection and disconnection for your new home and old home respectively.
• Electricity connection and disconnection schedule.
• Internet access.
• New school for the kids. Gather all necessary documents for the transfer.
• Change address at the Post Office.
• Call the nanny. If you have little kids, you will need the help of your nanny on moving day.
• Have your dog stay at a friend’s house on moving day. Too many strangers going in and out of the house can cause stress on your pets. You can pick up your pet after everything’s been moved out.
• Arrange for a parking space for the movers. This is very important for families living in busy cities or congested areas.

7. Start Packing

Your move-out date may still seem so far away but packing seasonal items and other things you rarely use is a good start. You can pack at least one box a day so that the task doesn’t get too daunting.

8. Call Creative Moving Solutions for a Smooth Move

Moving is one off the most stressful things you can do. Trust your move to an Angie’s List Super Service Award Winning, every year since 2008. We will make sure your move goes smooth. Call us for a free estimate: 214-695-5849

Notes for Moving Day

• Ensure that walkways do not have any obstructions. This will make things easier for the movers to load your boxes.
• Make sure that you have cool water available for your family and the movers on moving day.
• Give your contact number to the driver. Add an alternative number in case you can’t be contacted.