The Don’t Pack List

Keep these items off the truck and close to you on moving day:

  • Important documents (e.g., passports, marriage license, birth certificates, any records containing bank account information or Social Security numbers)
  • Checkbook
  • Credit cards
  • Medication
  • Phone and charger
  • Laptop and charger
  • Toilet paper
  • A change of clothes (one for each member of your household)
  • Snacks and water (for kids and pets)
  • A child’s special toy or blanket (if they can’t bear to pack it)
  • Jewelry
  • Flashlight
  • Tape measure
  • Toolbox
  • Trash bags
  • Paper towels
  • Cash
  • Any other valuables, heirlooms or irreplaceable items




We are insured. In fact, all moving companies are required by the Texas Department of Motor of Vehicles to carry insurance and offer liability for damaged or lost goods. You can go online to the Texas DMV database and enter our USDOT# to see that we are legit.  Our number is 1725698. You can follow the link below to go to the database and enter our number. You will see that our status is active.

TxDMV Motor Carrier Database

If a company is operating legally and is registered with the DMV then they automatically provide “valuation” at $.60 per pound. This means that we, and any other moving company for that matter, are liable for any items broken, lost, or damaged at $.60 per pound of the item. This type of movers liability is regulated by the TxDMV and the Texas Department of Insurance.

As for a “total loss” we are not legally liable for that (although there has never been an instance in which we have not completely covered a damaged item). You can, of course, buy transit insurance which could provide you with complete coverage on everything rather than a declared value per pound. Transit insurance is not regulated by the TxDMV or the Texas Department of Insurance so be sure to carefully read the policy and understand the coverage and deductibles.

Currently, we are not capable of providing transit insurance directly through our company. There are many trusted companies that can provide this for you if you so desire. If other moving companies are offering complete coverage of everything you are moving then this may also factor into the price difference we discussed previously (although they probably are not).

One thing to remember as well is that often your homeowner insurance policy covers about 10% of the value of your personal property. This includes coverage for breakage and theft in transit. That might be something to look into as well. Obviously, its not 100% but it’s additional coverage you may not have known about.